Sunday, February 16, 2014

Relaxer Day

I ended up relaxing my hair this Valentines Day.  Crazy because I relaxed my hair last year on Valentines Day lol. My last relaxer was about October 21st or 22nd so that made me a little over 17 weeks post. I used to boxes to relax my hair.

I did my normal routine.

  1. Section my hair in four sections
  2. Apply Serum to the length and ends of my hair to avoid damage. Making sure I do not apply any on my new growth
  3. Apply Relaxer
  4. Rinse fully 
  5. Before neutralizing I apply Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor for 2 mins then rinse
  6. Shampoo with a neutralizing shampoo
  7. Deep condition 
  8. Style no heat/heat
That's it !!! I'm  still following the same steps because that is what works for me.

I decided to take a short break from the hair units. So I braided my hair in 3 braids for a braid out .


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  2. Can I ask why you switched to no lye? I actually use ORS no lye too. I never tried it and when I finally did I found out what the big deal was!

    1. My scalp has been more sensitive lately so I have switched back to no lye.

    2. Have you tried to based your scalp? I use Vaseline. A very think layer each time. That seems to help. I have also used ALL WAYS Olive oil or Castor Oil to base my scalp - every night a thin layer to scalp up to the day of my relaxer. That's been the best way for me.

  3. This is really cool and lovely hairstyles.I like this effort so much.You have done a great effort here.

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  5. What serum do you apply to your length before relaxing

  6. Well, I took the plunge. After 12 weeks I did my very own relaxer, for the very first time! HA!! Take that professional hair stylists! Well it turned out really well, I was so intimidated and it "shows" because I refused to do my hair line until the very last since it's one of the fragile areas and time was up pretty soon after and I was not leaving the relaxer in my hair one second over hahaha But I do like my results, my hair still looks texlaxed which is great for me. I used the ORS because I knew it would give good texlax results and my scalp can be sensitive so I stick with no lye. My only issue is lord have mercy that shampoo is so drying/strong for me and I feel like if I am not careful I will have a protein issue after that replenishing pack but, next shampoo I will deep moisturizing condition and I should be good. Yay for me! Thanks for your help in this Traycee =)

  7. Did you have any issue switching from lye to no lye?